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Lead by Greatness

An Online Leadership Development Course Built on the Lapin Lead by Greatness™ Philosophy

a way of thinking

Lead by Greatness™ is not a technique. It provides you with an exciting new way of thinking that transforms the way you approach everything in your life for greater success.

a way of living

Lead by Greatness™ transforms not only the way you work, but also the way you live. You will propel every relationship and interaction in your life to new levels of effectiveness.

a way of leading

Lead by Greatness™ helps anyone who needs to influence the thoughts, attitudes or actions of others to inspire them to new levels of doing and being.

What our clients say

"Beyond words! One of the most powerful experiences in my life."

Drew Felling, Former VP of Marketing & Development, Phoenix International Freight Services Ltd. (now C.H. Robinson)

"This is the first leadership program that benefitted my professional and personal life. Life-altering experience!"

Senior Vice President, PNC Bank

"I have participated in numerous sessions of this kind and this was the most meaningful and impactful. A beautiful experience and genuine privilege."

Wave Apps Leader

"This was the most challenging and beneficial program I have attended in my leadership journey. It is transformational for me and exciting."

Senior Vice President, PNC Bank

"These are extremely bright and thoughtful people. As a team, they are focused on leadership development that has real-world applicability, enormous power, and a recognition that it needs to provide measurable outcomes"


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