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Personalise your growth

Customised learning support for grades 4 to 12

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The awesome things you can do with MyTopDog

More ways to learn

Access more ways to learn with a variety of multi-sensory online lessons, interactive assessments and practise mock exams

Learn at your own pace

Learn at your own pace, ensuring optimal engagement

Just for you

Access the right content, at the right time, at the right level of difficulty ensuring mastery

Be more awesome

Understand and remember detailed concepts quickly and effectively

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Lessons developed to ensure retention and understanding

Every learner has the potential to perform well in an environment that
intelligently adapts to their unique learning needs. Using cognitive
psychology, learning theory and neuroscience MyTopDog has proven to
enhance retention and understanding with personalised interactive,
multi-sensory content.

Success stories

Nonhlanhla - 15 years old

This program has improved my performance in just a few months.

Gladys - 14 years old

Top Dog is one of the coolest websites for learning; it makes you want learn more; at Top Dog they use colours - that I think it is the best way to remember things.

Catherine - 13 years old

It gives us all the information we need; it helped me to know certain things better. Thank you very much, Top Dog.

Marilene - 12 years old

I love Top Dog because it helps me with my school work and homework, and it helps me to improve my understanding in almost all my subjects.

Anthea - 16 years old

I like Top Dog because it helps me prepare for my test and exams.

Elaine - 16 years old

My Top Dog Education has made my studying very easy. I love it because I feel that I'm taught in my own time and I can go back to the topics I do not understand, even if it has to be more than 10 times.


It's easy to use and it's the best way to study.

Zinhle - 17 years old

Top Dog summarises a lot of concepts in a simple form. I understand more when using this website, hence I was able to master some topics because of it. Thank you for this, Top Dog.

Marvelous - Parent

Top Dog is making my Grade 7 son crazy. When the last period bell rings he no longer waits to play at school - he rushes home fast, eats, does homework and then goes onto Top Dog. He says it is helpful and educational.


I struggled most with Mathematics. Without Top Dog I certainly wouldn't have gotten the marks.


After only two years my marks improved drastically. I went up 12% from grade 10 to 11. My matric results were even better! I achieved my goal of getting over 70% for maths which was really a special feeling that will never be forgotten.


We truly are grateful for the partnership with Top Dog and would more than recommend the continued use of the programme for the improvement of educational outcomes in our communities.


Without Top Dog, my dream to achieve 10 distinctions would have never become a reality!

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