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Online Education Programmes Lead to Higher Success Rates

Posted on October 16, 2015 by Top Dog Education

Parents want the best for their children; the ability to give them a quality education knowing it can set them up for the rest of their lives is of extreme importance. The problem is that there is the perception that a quality college education is extremely expensive. Online education programmes may offer a cheaper alternative, but do they achieve the same success rates?

The answer to that question, according to getarealdegree.com, is no.

Online graduates actually achieve a slightly higher than average success rate in comparison to those who have attended traditional colleges.

What contributes to this higher success rate?

One of the major factors contributing to the success of online graduates is flexibility. A student can complete assignments and tasks at a time of their choosing, when their mind is focussed, without the pressure and inconvenience of having to stick to designated time slots.

The flexibility of online learning also allows for a broader demographic of mature students to sign up; those who usually wouldn’t have the time because of work or have family commitments. Online they can study at a time that suits their busy schedules.

You don’t need to travel to and from the college or university which means that you can choose a reputable institution to enrol in that isn’t necessarily near the vicinity of your home.

The necessity for self-discipline

Graduating from an online institution requires the individual to be dedicated and self-motivated. These skills alone will prove invaluable when entering a work environment where you are required to schedule your own workload in order to meet set deadlines.

The experience in problem-solving and having to self-research, without the assistance or support of an instructor in a lecture hall, will stand you in good stead.

A controllable learning climate

Social interaction is a necessary part of any learning process, but occasionally in traditional universities and colleges, the social aspect can distract the learner from their end-goal.

Studying online gives the learner more control, as any interaction with instructors and fellow students is available through video, live chat and other social platforms. When the need arises for peace and quiet. You simply take your laptop or tablet to your chosen surroundings and get to work.

For more information on the advantages of online learning see the infographic below (via getarealdegree.com):

Top dog online education programmes infographic



Main image credit: http://www.profnetconnect.com

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