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Why Online Learning Study Guides are so Effective

Posted on October 28, 2015 by Top Dog Education

Online learning platforms for all grades have never been as popular as they are now, and with good reason. If applied judiciously and properly, online learning study guides can achieve excellent academic results more easily, faster, and more cost-effectively than traditional learning methods. In addition, the technology that makes sharing of online learning study guidespossible for a broad audience has a number of advantages over classical schooling, in that it facilitates ongoing conversation between students, and networked connectivity with teachers who are able to assist if problems arise.

Top Dog Education provides online learning platforms for all grades, and our results are testament to the effectiveness of online learning tutorials and study guides. On average, students who make use of our educational programs improved their marks by an impressive 8 per cent!

So what makes online learning so effective for the younger generation of learners?

Real-time access

Being able to align your learning schedule is a huge advantage that online learning offers. With access to internet connections more prevalent than ever, and mobile devices quickly turning into South Africa’s connection method of choice, not only can students study whenever they like, but also wherever!

This capacity for personalisation of the learning schedule means that students can tailor their learning to times that suit them, and they are able to focus more intensely on problem areas, while not wasting time on subjects they are already good at.

Improved retention

Studies have shown time and time again that mere words on a page or a classroom board do not encourage the sort of stimulation that leads to good memory retention. The inclusion of exercises, pictures and games have been shown to be effective in stimulating memory in children for decades, and the digital learning revolution is simply another step forward in the ever-growing connection between learning and entertainment. Combining multimedia and design with instructional content creates an engaging and rich learning experience that is almost impossible to recreate in the classroom or home setting.

Lower Costs

When young students need help with a particular subject, many parents consider private tutors and extra lessons, which require transport, materials and fees. E-learning greatly reduces the costs of getting these students the help they need, making supplementary help accessible to anyone who needs it. Another cost-saving advantage is that once a module is purchased online, it can be accessed again and again without additional payment. This ongoing access to resources ensures that learning can be done carefully, thoroughly, and at each individual student’s own pace.


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